Clients' Projects

Web Surveys

  • Wrote questionnaires
  • Coded all XHTML, CSS and PHP scripts
  • Wrote custom PHP function providing auto numbering and easy maintenance
  • Wrote script to input results automatically into a comma separated text file for easy data analysis
  • Provided validation of all form data
  • Created a user friendly interface with success or error feedback
  • Form data persistence in the case of errors

Web Development and Web Design

  • Wrote all XHTML, CSS and PHP scripts
  • Provided Spam protection through use of a Contact Form
  • Cleaned and resized all images adding transparency where needed
  • Coded an Image Protection Scheme to deter image theft
  • Created Dynamic Menu Navigation not reliant on JavaScript
  • Created unique custom page layouts using only CSS

Electronic File Submission

  • Wrote all XHTML, CSS and PHP scripts
  • Provided Login Authentication
  • Encrypted password file on server for added security
  • Renamed uploaded file automatically to include username and timestamp
  • Provided users a summary of past submissions
  • Coded script to store uploaded files on disk
  • Ensured security by restricting permissions on upload directory