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eBook Reader Design Survey

We are conducting this survey to learn about people who will potentially use an electronic book reader we are designing. Electronic book readers are devices with comfortable high resolution displays designed primarily for viewing eBooks and other electronic documents.

The survey will only take about 5 minutes to complete.
*Note: This survey is currently only used for demonstrative purposes, information entered is publicly accessable. Data from the actual survey has been removed.


Q1)  Which age group are you in?

5 - 1718 - 2425 - 3940 - 6465+

Q2)  Which gender are you?


Q3)  What is your annual household income (before tax)?

$0 - 20k$21 - 40k$41 - 60k$61 - 80k$81k+

Q4)  Select your highest level of education or training?

SecondaryDiploma or CertificateDegreePostgraduateMastersPhD

Q5)  To which ethnic group(s) do you belong? (may select more than one)

NZ EuropeanNZ MaoriAsianPolynesianOther:


Q6)  Select your computer skill level?

None - I avoid the use of computers
Beginner - I am able to use Email, internet browser and word processor
Intermediate - I am able to install software, download files from web, setup printer or accessory devices
Expert - I able to install RAM, setup a network or have programming ability

Q7)  Do you have any experience with ebooks or ebook software?

YesNoDon't know

Q8)  How often do you have access to the Internet?

RarelyWeeklySeveral times per weekDaily

Q9)  Do you adopt new technology easily?

Agree 12345Disagree

Q10)  Would you prefer using a touch-screen or a keypad?


Book Reading

Q11)  How often do you typically read books, magazines, journals or newspapers?

RarelyMonthyWeekly2 to 4 times per week5+ times per week

Q12)  How do you find books you want to read? (may select more than one)

Browsing library or bookshopSearch by topic or keyword
Written reviewsOnline search

Q13)  Which of the following do you read regularly? (may select more than one)


Q14)  In which language do you most regularly read?


Q15)  Where do you get your books from? (may select more than one)

LibraryNews/Magazine standBorrow from other peopleOnline bookshop
Brick and mortar bookshopDownload from internetOther:

Q16)  Why do you read? (may select more than one)


Q17)  Which is the most difficult task?

Choosing the bookGetting the bookReading the book
Returning the book(if applicable)NoneOther:

Q18)  In your normal reading environment, are you exposed to any of the following conditions?(may select more than one)

Extreme temperature (hot/cold)Water (rain/humidity/steam)

Q19)  How often do you read in a collaborative environment? (this may include book club, editorial work, written group work)


Q20)  Do any of the following make reading difficult for you? (may select more than one)

Difficulty seeing textDifficulty turning the page
Picking the book upHolding the book
Using the index or table of contentsNoneOther:

Q21)  Would you be interested in using an eBook reader?

Interested 12345Not Interested